Sunday, July 29, 2012

What's Next On My Marvel List? (Movies) Captain America

I wanted to discuss a couple of movies before we get to the smash hit that is "The First Avenger".
Now, I consider these honorable mentions, you need to know that I haven’t actually seen these but I have seen a review of them:

Noah Antwiler Spoony Captain America

The first two starred Reb Brown, who is a well known action star of total rip-offs of action movies (one of them was a Predator rewrite, because one wasn't enough!). These two are especially awful. The first has nothing to do with the comic. Steve is and ex military who is already the size of Hulk, but his deceased dad’s scientist buddy talks him into using the super serum. But it is totally useless. Also this movie is the slowest thing ever recorded on tape. There is just one fight scene and that is… not a fight scene really. But you should really check out Spoony’s review. (Click on the picture to see it!)

Noah Antwiler Spoony Captain America: Death Too Soon

The second one is… this is utterly embarassing but while doing my research I’ve come accross the fact that it was directed by a Hungarian director. This movie is an embarassment. My country already has a hard time being recognised for anything else then the f*cked up political situation of ours, and then there is this movie. It re-uses the same footage of the first one. There is a scene where the invincible Captain America RUNS AWAY FROM DOGS. He uses a trusty motorcycle, remember that from the comic? What? YOU DON’T? Hmm… I wonder why. Also, his unbeatable shield is a piece of plastic. Wonderful. Movie, you get a 10 out of 10! … on a scale of awfulness and incredible embarrasment as far as comic based movies go. But again, check out Spoony’s review! (Click on the picture!)

Doug Walker Nostalgia CriticCaptain America

That brings us to the third Captain America review, which once again, I haven’t seen, but the taste I got from the Nostalgia Critic was more than enough. However I find it important to mention that this one has the same origin story that the new one had: that is that Captain gets injected with the serum and he fights Red Skull. That is about it. It is just another silly excuse for a stupid movie. It has the feeling of a movie made in the late 70s when actually it was made in 1990!!! Captain is portrayed as a little loser who keeps tricking people with the SAME trick! Once he abandones an old man while stealing his car… wow! This man is my hero! Truly a wonderful tale. I do not think that it is worth checking out, because you would start crying – but the Critics review makes it seem enjoyable, so do spare 20 minutes and watch it!

Captain America: The First Avenger

As you have seen I have previously discussed parts of the complex formula that equals in the Avengers, so it is only right that we talk about Cap as well.
Steve Rogers is a fragile little creature with a heart and bravery of incredible measures. He has been trying to get enlisted in the army to fight in Germany during WWII. But his physical qualities make it impossible, until one afternoon a scientist hears about his dreams and decides to let him pass his physical so he can enlist. He proves himself over and over and finally gets the special serum that turns him into Captain America: the super soldier. In the background Red Skull obtains the Tesseract (a supernatural cube with immense energy) and builds weapons that’ll help him win the war. Captain is sent in, he defeats Red Skull, however he has a bomb with him and he lands with it into the ocean so it won’t damage everyone else – this resulting in him being frozen in an icycle under the sea until S.H.I.E.L.D. discovers him… over 50 years later.
Thoughts? First off the actor. Chris Evans was chosen for this role, and even though he delivered very well, I was not happy. I’ve heard a rumor that Jensen Ackles was among the possible actors and honestly, I would’ve been curious to see him. Chris Evans was a good choice because he delivered that shy-ish cuteness that Steve has. He is one of the most humble and caring people ever depicted by Marvel (except for the punching Hitler in the face part) and I needed someone who portrayed that. Chris was cute, I’ll give him that but realising that he is Captain equals in me giving up forever on the dream that they’ll make another Fantastic Four movie with the original casting (click here to read my review!). I know it wasn’t in the cards, but one can hope! And quite frankly I liked him far more in the Avengers; I’ve seen his potential and feared that it wasn’t fully released in this movie. It is a really good movie and I can’t think of any faults really. I am sincerely looking forward to the next one! 

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