Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What's Next On My Marvel List? (Movies) Fantastic Four 1-2, Daredevil and Elektra

The following movies are a bit underrated, but I love them, so let us review:

Reed Richards is a scientist and his crew: his best friend Ben Grimm, his ex Sue Storm and her brother Johnny Storm are planning to find new energy sources. A powerful wealthy man by the name of Viktor Von Doom, Sue's current boyfriend, finances their trip to space  where they are exposed to a radiation storm that alters their DNA, giving them powers. Reed becomes Mr. Fantastic: all his muscles and fibers turn to rubber. Ben, also known as the Thing, has body that has turned into rock. Sue's capable of turning invisible and create force fields. Johnny is capable of lighting himself on fire. And lastly Viktor, who is also a skilled scientist and a sorcerer and he owns a powered armor, although in the movie it is displayed that the most part of the armor is part of his body. The four move into Reed's home, so he can scientifically understand what has happened to them and in the end they have to fight Viktor who has completely gone insane and is hungry for power.
Thoughts? To be honest with you, I only came to learn about the Fantastic Four through this movie. I immediately fell in love with Reed and his relationship with Sue. I could share Ben's sadness over becoming a monster and although I've found Johnny to be extremely annoying in the movie, in the comic he is a lot younger and therefore his foolishness has an actual cause. So if I had to recast I'd make Johnny younger, otherwise I know Jessica Alba got bad reviews, but for the second movie, hence will discuss that later. I have heard that people didn't like the last fight scene, that it was a bit of cliché, that nothing happens. Well... THEY ARE SCIENTISTS!! To be honest with you, I was even surprised there was any fighting at all: I would not have missed it. They are just discovering themselves, finding ways to cope with their situation and so on. My biggest problem was that I was scared of Doom, when I wasn't supposed to be while in the end when he fully becomes himself: nah! Nothing. 
Anyway, this movie is definitely one of my favorites. I have madly fallen in love with Ioan Gruffudd and I'm quite scared that one day a bit better re-casted version will come out where he will be replaced... but I guess that's Hollywood for you!

Sue and Reed are trying to get married, but their plans are always interrupted by the stupid Earth seeking salvation. During their latest attempt a mysterious Silver Surfer shows up from the skies with incredible powers. But is he good or bad? Sue thinks there is more to it. And as a matter of fact, we find out that he has been forced by the evil Galactus, destroyer of planets, to prepare planets for him to be eaten up. His planet too had been destroyed. However the Surfer's mystical powers healed Doom and he is back to fight them. During their fight, Sue dies, but is saved by the Surfer who decides to face up to Galactus and kill him.
Thoughts? Yes, this second one was really bad. First of all they seriously don't do anything, no credit can be given to them. The only fight scenes have Johnny in them, who we already knew was a good fighter. Doom? Really? Yes, he is a favorite evil character BUT healing him? Of course you wanted to show off Julian McMahon's perfect bone structure, but really? That was dumb. Jessica Alba's hair was too blonde, almost freakishly, but the others where perfect, they resembled the comic characters perfectly. The story needed help on the action and entertainment part, however I was touched by the sincere love between Reed and Sue. And most importantly I felt that they were really a team and a family. They live in that building together and yet in the first movie it didn't feel like they even know each other. Is this one silly? Yes, undoubtedly it has it's faults. But they are still some of my favorite comic heroes and therefore I love this movie just as much as any other.

A young boy is blinded by toxic waste and works to enhance his other senses. When he grows up, Matt Murdock, a successful attorney, servant of the poor, uses his abilities to fight crime in the night. Unfortunately   this life of his destroys every chance of a normal social life. But he does meet one special girl, Elektra, the only one who can fight him. The two fall in love, but Matt's obsession with bringing down the biggest mod boss in their city, Kingpin - who sends Bullseye after them, which ends in both Elektra and her father's life. Matt defeats both of them, and is shown hope that maybe Elektra has survived somehow. 
Thoughts? After this movie's director's cut came out, it received a high praise and was recognized as a better movie. Though I did not find that to be the case. Being the girl I am I was upset that the whole romantic kissy-kissy stuff between Matt and Elektra got cut. F*ck you director Mark Steven Johnsson!! No fair. It was substituted with a story, a case Matt was working on as an attorney. Maybe this story was more appealing to the comic lovers, but one of my favorite comic couples is Daredevil and Elektra, their struggle and all the barriers they had to knock down to be together is truly touching. I do see why the director's cut appealed more to the people, but I did not see the necessity in cutting them. Also, movies tend to forget about the sometimes cooky costumes of the villains in the comic books, think of Dr. Ock in Spider-Man 2, he had a stupid raincoat! Here, just the same, I loved Bullseye, I just wish he had an evil costume that matches Daredevil's. The story is awesome, the actors nailed it I think, great casting, and just the same way as DC is thinking about re-using Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern, I honestly think a sequel was in the cards for Ben Affleck... until this happened:

"Elektra the warrior survives a near-death experience, becomes an assassin-for-hire, and tries to protect her two latest targets, a single father and his young daughter, from a group of supernatural assassins."
Thoughts? I totally just copied that from imdb, because I don't remember shit from this movie! Oh wait, I do: it has snakes in it. I am scared, more precisely snake-phobic and I am disgusted by them. I had to watch this movie with my sister, so she could tell me when to look at the screen and when not to. That is probably why I don't remember much of it, but what I do is this: Matt, Daredevil, had a cameo AND THEY CUT IT!! F*ck you! Why would you cut that? People hated that Elektra supposedly survived, and if she did, where is Matt? Of course they have very long history before they actually meet up, not to mention that there is a comic, in which they meet as college students, but this clearly wasn't it, so the only way they explained Elektra becoming who she is in the comic, was to part her from Matt completely: BAD IDEA. Really, they started a story which was similar to the idea of combining movies so you finally get the awesomeness of The Avengers. BUT WHY DID YOU CUT IT?? This is about the 100th movie that I enjoyed far more with the deleted scenes. And also, I loved that her costume was based on the comic instead of that new version in the Daredevil movie and I love Jennifer Garner
As far as actors and story go, there is nothing wrong with it. Elektra is not one of my favorites, also she is kind of a controversial character, since she is sometimes good, sometimes bad - and she is very much interesting. I just wish they would've dyed Jen's hair black and would've kept that scene. The movie is totally worth watching, especially if you like action and Jen. Otherwise, since it isn't crucial considering the big Marvel movie campaign, you can let this one pass, but if you do want to see it, GET the DVD and WATCH THE DELETED SCENES!!! 

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