Monday, May 28, 2012

What's Next On My List? Like Crazy

Recently... precisely three minutes ago I finished watching a movie:

This story is about Anna, a British college student, who on her stay in America falls for a boy named Jacob. Unfortunately because of love, she overstays her visa and is then banned from the US. The two lose touch for a while, until Jacob goes to see her in London. They spend every second each other, with the hope that they will be together soon. However, being realistic, they see other people, because the feeling of being alone is unbearable. A young girl, Sam, falls for Jacob while Anna finds herself in the arms of her neighbor, Simon. Despite all that, the two decide to get married, so Anna can apply for a new visa, possibly a citizenship as well. The two get into an argument about the people they have been seeing while being apart from each other. Jacob goes back home, literally back to Sam, while Anna moves in with Simon. However, when Simon proposes, her visa seems to be in place and she goes back to Jacob, only to realize that the fire between them has burnt out.

Thoughts? I didn’t like it. First of all, the two main characters resemble high school students, and even though in the passing of the movie they show us how much they have grown, how adult they’ve become, I still find that they were portrayed too young in the beginning. Secondly, I am pretty sure that this movie was supposed to be a kind of protest against the immigration borders in the US, because to be honest, all the things they put Anna through was plainly ridiculous. She is not allowed back in for, I believe three years was it, maybe six, actually the passing of time wasn’t quite clear either! Most importantly, I didn’t understand the fact that they both flip out at the idea that the other might sleep with someone else, yet they still do it. 
Honestly it isn’t clear why they lose touch. Of course you can’t keep up a relationship if you are not in contact with the person you ought to be. And then to just string along those two idiots who happen to have fallen in love with you while you love someone else is plainly cruel. After their wedding  as I said, they fight and Jacob leaves her. I honestly thought that they got divorced, because her visa is denied again; she moves in with Simon, Jacob gets Sam back and it seems that they are over. But then Anna texts him and when Simon proposes to her, she goes back to America. Why is she allowed back in? There is a scene where we see that she allowed back in, but the reasons for it are not really explained. Also Simon emphasizes that he knows that there are many things that have to be "figured out", but he still wishes her to marry him. I suppose that he was referring to her marriage, which implies that he knew he was just the other guy. Still Jacob doesn't want to move to London, and Anna can't go back. And I don't get, why wouldn't they get divorced if clearly Jacob would rather see other people.
What amazed me more than everything is that every time Anna got a promotion or she got ahead in her job, she just called up Jacob. But not to tell him, like he is the first person she wanted to share her successes with, just cause.
In the end there were several beautiful scenes, but there were occasions where I think that the director thought that the images would speak for themselves, when actually they didn't. Anna was going back to London, but instead they went to the coast and stayed in a hotel. Why? Why where they there? She was supposed to leave the next day, and yet the next day they just took this trip where it seemed that she was studying, but supposedly they have already graduated. Or did they? I really have no idea. I just have all of these questions of things that I don't get. And in the end you could always hide them behind the fact that you wouldn't know how you would behave if you had to live away from the one you love, hence their actions are all justified. But to me they are not, because I know that that isn't the way I would act. 

What did I like?
Alex Kingston and Oliver Muirhead. As always I only wanted to see this movie for two reasons: an actress and I liked the trailer. The trailer was already silly, but in this case it summarized perfectly the movie. As far as the actress go, you may all know Alex Kingston from ER, she played Dr. Elizabeth Corday and perhaps from Doctor Who were she plays River Songs. She is one of my favorite British actresses. I literally try to get my hands on everything she is in. In this movie she played Anna's mother Jackie. It was incredibly touching how she just tried to be helpful in all of this, instead of telling her daughter that this story is foolish and that she should be looking for someone she can actually be with. Her parents are all for real love and for her happiness. They are happy for literally anything she does, they even visit her in America once. Basically they are the dream parents. I would like to see a movie about them alone!

Final thoughts? It isn't as bad as I make it out to be, there really are some beautiful scenes in it. Also the story isn't that bad, there is something incredible interesting about how bad the American bureaucracy actually is. There really should be something done about the immigration. But, that is an issue for another day. If you have an hour and a half check it out, maybe you'll like it or you'll find something I missed.

Until the next item on my list! Also, Comics Summer is just around the corner!
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Jacob - Anton Yelchin
Jackie - Alex Kingston
Bernard - Oliver Muirhead

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