Saturday, May 19, 2012

Blogger: Grey's Anatomy 8th Season Finale

I saw another finale this week...

The 8th season finale has evoked some anger issues in me. I apologize. But seriously, WTF?!!

Update 2017.06.19: Since then I have stopped watching the series all together. It was after Derek Shepherd died I would like to emphasize here that it wasn't because he was killed off, but because of how they did it. This TV show likes to consider itself smart by always throwing shit into your face that yells "THIS COULD HAPPEN TO YOU INN REAL LIFE!!! IT IS UNEXPECTED, SOMEONE YOU LOVE COULD DIE RIGHT NOOOOOW!!", and I made my peace with that. However, his death was simply dumb. Let us put him in an empty corner of a road in a car accident that he survives only to be hit by a truck 3 hours later on the same deserted road... no. That DOES NOT happen no matter how unlucky you are or mysterious God's ways are... I'm sorry. It is simply for effect and it does nothing to me other than make me mad, so I am done with this show for good.

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