Friday, April 20, 2012

Where is my Lucifer

Where is my Lucifer?
I have no time to decipher
Every single word torn
With the anguish of one's emotions and scorn.
Where's my knowledge, where's my power?
Don't you lock me away in a forgotten tower!
Take my soul,
I have no use for its rotten odor;
Too much evil I have seen to know,
My brain can't comprehend this kind of horror.
"You'll grow up", they said. 
"You'll understand why", they said.
But ambiguity is my kryptonite,
Some wondering lasts for longer than a fortnight.
So where is my Lucifer?
Here, take my signature!
Show me how thought can be better than this, 
show me what's so special about eternal bliss.

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