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Fresh From The Theatre: THE AVENGERS!

For spoilers and the story of the movie, scroll down. However, if you are plainly interested in knowing whether or not you should check this one out, stay above the spoiler line!

Now I know what’s the point of my life, to have seen:

I'm not sure if this is fan made or not, but I like it far more than the original
so I'm going to use this one!
Oh, my God, this movie was awesome! I mean literally, seat jumping awesome! I noticed that for all the 130 minutes of it I had my mouth open because I couldn't believe how awesome it was! I was literally parched at the end! I laughed as hell, I cried, I shivered, this movie had everything! You know how the Hulk movies always do horrible in the box office? Well, they fixed that, Hulk in this movie was the way his creators imagined him when they first drew him! 
That said, let us discuss the casting. (Let’s go in order of the imdb list!)
Robert Downey Jr. has already proven himself as a fantastic Iron Man. I didn’t have any doubts about him and I was relieved to see that he didn’t disappoint. He was funnier, quicker, his genius was not underestimated and his conversations with Jarvis (voiced by Paul Bettany) are simply magnificent! Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts is always going to be a favorite of mine, and since they couldn't cast everyone from every other movie that make up this great series, I find that choosing her was the best one! 
Let us turn to Captain America. Let me be honest with you, I love the Fantastic Four movies, even if the public doesn’t, so admitting to myself that Chris Evans is a good captain, would also mean accepting that the a third movie with that casting will never come out. Fortunately though Chris does make for a wonderful Captain, so good job. I am sorry to let go of the Human Torch, but damn Captain you do fill those shoes perfectly! The fact that he is from the 1940’s is never lost sight of and he has to miss out on many things because he isn’t up to date, but he makes up for them by being the perfect soldier!
Mark Ruffalo as Hulk. Again, I loved the Erica Bana version, although it had more faults than upsides... but that said Mark made a fantastic Bruce Banner. He was just like in the cartoons, a bit insecure, geeky, at the same time ready to pop at any second. I would like to see a Hulk movie with Mark Ruffalo, but the Hulk movies never do well, so I’d rather stick with him just in The Avengers, I don’t want another recast! Also I missed Betty Ross, but I'm sure they will be brought in soon enough, after all according to my favorite story line, they work together at S.H.I.E.L.D. to make up a new super soldier serum that Banner uses on himself to control the Hulk. Also, I don't think that either Jennifer Connelly or Liv Tyler would've made a good match with Mark, so I hope they will cast someone new for him, with whom he has great chemistry.
Chris Hemsworth as Thor. Got to say, I expected more from him. Unfortunately even though the Thor movie was magnificent, when put up against all these big actors, I fear that Chris is just not up to their level yet. I find that he was too action movie like, while the others seemed more down to earth, but other than that he was quite good eye candy throughout the whole movie. And I loved his conflicts with Loki and he even got a couple of hilarious one liners.
Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow. Oh dear God this woman is amazing! Let me tell you that what she did in Iron Man 2 was literally nothing compared to this! You know, you imagine the Black Widow to be the smartest and the strongest, while being sexy as hell and she very much achieved all of these goals! I do not want to piss her off! Most importantly we never loose sight of the fact that she is a woman, neither does she and being an awesome spy she uses it to her advantage.
Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye. He literally took my breath away. He was an excellent archer, he had really good chemistry with the cast, not to mention Black Widow and his action scenes where marvelous. His actual outfit in the comics is a bit foolish, so they changed it for the movie, but I wanted a bit more of purple in it, so bad call on making him completely black! However, I loved that he was already presented to us in Thor, so we knew that he works for Fury, so seeing him at S.H.I.E.L.D. wasn't a surprise. They took care of his character, and if they ever make a movie about him, I hope they throw in Black Widow as well!
Tom Hiddleston as Loki. This man made me scared as shit. Even in Thor I already feared him, but when I knew he would be here, I knew that I won’t be disappointed and indeed I wasn’t. His movements, his words, it all clicked: it was wonderful. He is truly a great villain!
And let us sum up the others. Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson did not disappoint once again, and I love it that he was the device that brought all the movies together (he can also be heard in the new Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, where he is a regular character!). Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. Let’s be honest, it’s Samuel L. Jackson, what do you want me say? Finally Cobie Smulders as Agent Maria Hill. I don’t want to give out any spoilers (yet), so let me just say that I wanted a lot more of her, but what she gave us was magnificient as well!

If you like any of these actors, check it out, you won’t be disappointed. If you like comic adaptations, watch it, this is the mother lode! The king of all the comic book adaptations! Or if you just want to see a good action movie, this will not disappoint! The 3D is OK, however once again I’ve found it completely unneccessary to be honest. So if you don’t mind wearing those horrible goggles, then you should be just fine in the 3D theatre. BUT DO CHECK IT OUT!!!!


Let us go through the story. In Captain America: The First Avenger, Steve Rogers fought the Red Skull who had previously gained the Tesseract, or Cosmic Cube. This cube has all sorts of power, each different in each comic, but this one is a source of energy.
S.H.I.E.L.D. wants to use it to build weapons while Loki uses it as a portal between universes. Either way, it’s a no-no. When the Captain was found in the ice, the cube was found with him and was brought to the surface, where it was stolen by Loki. But while he tried to escape the magnificent Agent Maria Hill almost stopped him (that was a really badass and awesome scene!). After this occurred, Tony Stark was called in, Captain Rogers too and Dr. Bruce Banner was asked to help as an expert on gamma radiation. The team seems to be ready when Natasha Romanoff arrives, but she seems to be worried about Clay Barton who has been compromised and turned to Loki’s side. When Loki is apprehended Thor appears out of nowhere, there is a line that Loki said, that their father must have used all his energy to send him to his precious earth… and that was a bit silly, the Thor movie ended with this great wondering of how will he ever come back down, and this problem was solved pretty quickly and to add foolishly. But his encounter with Iron Man and Captain America was beyond the best scene in the movie!
After Loki was apprehended Natasha questions him and they find out that he wants to enrage the Hulk to destroy everything. Hawkeye arrives to save Loki, but he is captured after Natasha kicks his ass. Unfortunately the Hulk does transform, in front of Natasha, and she has to run like hell and almost doesn’t make it, but Thor helps her out. Agent Hill manages to get the Hulk out of the Helicarrier, but Loki has done a lot more damage already, in addition he kills Agent Coulson. I was told that Joss Whedon (the director) always has to kill somebody off in his movies and series and to be completely honest with you I did not see the point for it, moreover it was completely stupid. I was sorry yes, but in the end Stark was the only one who really knew him and yes, they needed a motivation to attack Loki, but I believe that almost dying is motivation enough; there was really no need to kill anybody. And for those who haven’t seen the Iron Man movies or Thor, Agent Coulson was really a nobody, so they weren’t really moved by this, nor did they understand why they should care. That was a bit forced and unnecessary Mr. Whedon!
So the group recharges with Hawkeye turned back to the good side (in a way that is explained in one sentence, making you realize that Loki’s spell was a joke!), they fly to the island of Manhattan where Loki is trying to use Stark Tower to open his portal, which he does successfully. There was even a scene between Black Widow and Hawkeye where she says "This reminds me of Budapest.", which for us in Hungary created big laughter and probably the approval ratings have spiked in that second! With the team all together, Captain assumes his responsibilities as leader. He orders Iron Man to the sky, Hawkeye to a near building to inform them, Thor takes on Loki, Black Widow stays with him on the ground and he turns to the Hulk and says “Smash!”. Things seems to be going well, but the portal keeps allowing more creatures to come through, so when the board of directors above  S.H.I.E.L.D. orders a nuke to be blasted onto the island of Manhattan, Iron Man intercepts it and takes it through the portal where it crashes into the mother ship of the enemy. Afraid of not coming out of this alive he calls Pepper Potts, but she doesn’t hear her phone while watching the news telecast of the fight. To be honest, it was the most touching scene ever. BUT he barely makes it back to Earth when the portal is closed by Black Widow on orders by the Captain. Hulk catches him in the air as he is unconscious. The battle was won.
The fact that the Hulk now seems to be able to control his emotions was never explained… why did he go berserk on the Helicarrier if now he is completely capable of controlling his thoughts? That was a bit overlooked. They give the Tesseract and Loki to Thor, so he may deal with him on his own planet, according to their laws. Barton and Romanoff leave together, Dr. Banner leaves with Stark while Captain rides off in his motorcycle. Agent Fury tells his directors that he will not be tracking their movements, and assures Agent Hill (who, besided that awesome action scene in the beginning does absolutely nothing in the rest of the movie and I was sorry about that… she proved herself to be kickass, and then she just stayed back and watched from behind Fury… I hope that they introduced her because later on she will actually do more than just look pretty!) that they will be back if they are needed, they are The Avengers!
MAJOR SPOILER! Final scene after a part of the credit is rolled: we see the man (The Other played by Alexis Denisof) who has provided Loki an army talking to someone, and he tells him that planet Earth does not wish to be ruled after all. That their inhabitants will fight everyone and everything, and trying to conquer them would be like fighting Death itself. To this we see who he was talking to Thanos, the only Marvel character who has indeed fought Death itself. The final scene: Thanos smiles into the camera.


That's me in the theatre! :D Thank you Avengers!

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