Friday, April 13, 2012

Blogger: Endorsement, because I am not the smartest of them all!

Being around my blog you surely have seen that I have plenty of very creative and talented friends. You should make sure you check out their works as soon as possible! There are plenty of things here and I am sure you will find that most, or at least one adheres to your tastes! Have fun looking around!


Fruzsi "Dog owner, craft maniac, movie fan, bookworm, loves dog training, walking around with no destination, said is crazy a little." If you happen to have a lot of free time on your hand and your enjoy crafts or manual work, be sure to check out my friend Fruzsi's site. From bags, to jewelry all the way to the prettiest and practical dresses. Check out her page here:


If you care to learn about photography, this blog site is for you. Anyone with potential is sure to recognize his or her talents by reading the tutorials and making sure you get the perfect camera that best fits your needs. The blog is available here: However if your interested in Marco Crupi (the page's owner)Visual Artist's photostream on flickr click here:


Speaking of photography, check out Andrew: "Talk is cheap, you'd better see my works than read this whole lot of nothingness I'm about to put down." He is more of an artist, as he is responsible for several designs, banners and headers along with posters and handouts. He has been working for almost three years now with his photos, however his drawings have a longer life. His work can be seen of both his DeviantArt site:
and flickr his page:


And last but not least, in the list of wonderful photographers, I'd like you to check out my dear friend Klara's work. She has been taking pictures for almost four years now. She's a fan of cats, which I'm sure you'll notice, but her visions and creativity go far beyond cute four legged furry creatures. Some of her best work has not been yet uploaded to her page, but soon enough you'll see the renaissance photographer that is hidden in her heart! You can see her flickr photostream here:


"Let's begin with a short introduction -- two authors: Zsóka & Alexandra. We've always lived in Budapest. (...) For the 10th anniversary of our friendship, we decided to launch a virtual forum, where we can share how we see this city. The original idea was to set up a Facebook page, but later I decided to make a blog as well." Now that you know what the blog is about, if you have any interest in founding out more about my hometown, I can assure you that you will find an answer to all of your questions through this blog. Not many know this city like these girls, so do check it out! Exhibition, fair, ruin bar, coffee/tea and gastronomy all here:


"I'm Zsombor. I was born nearly nine hundred miles away from Crete, in the city of Budapest. Ever since then, I've been desperately searching for the answer to this question: Is there life before death? Considering the fact that George Eastman invented the 35mm perforated celluloid film, and MC Hammer wrote the song U Can't Touch This, I see no doubt." He is quite a funny guy, but if you've been around my site you surely have encountered his works on the Vegas or YouTube page of my blog. Zsombor is a quite talented artist, he is actually a director and a teacher, a pretty good one at that. He is the host of a language club (information here!) and is currently working on a piece for a film academy class. He writes about the school, his works, and his likes. You might find many of them to agree with your tastes, so look up his YouTube profil: and his blog: Don't forget it is ninety percent water content!

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