Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Top 15 Christmas Songs

Why 15? Because I have 15 favorites!

15) Nightmare Before Christmas (Jack) – What’s This?

To begin our list, let’s start with a basic. Every year after Halloween I watch Nightmare Before Christmas, because I find it to be nor a Halloween, neither a completely Christmas movie either. You see it is quite creepy to begin with, but after a while you just feel Christmas-sy, and that ruins the spooky feeling of Halloween for me… But I do listen to this song, because every year I wonder around the city, looking for new Christmas decorations and often I encounter such rare and disgustingly inappropriate things that I can’t help but yell out loud “WHAT’S THIS?!”.

14) Prince & The Revolution – Another Lonely Christmas

This is THE worst song available on the planet. I am not joking with you, the lyrics? Awful! Prince sings about his girlfriend, who, despite being the prettiest among her siblings, DIED last Christmas… I’m not kidding with you, it’s awful! And now he has a lonely Christmas every year. It’s so depressing it is incredible. But I listened to it so often, not being able to believe what he was ACTUALLY singing about that now it became a holiday favorite. How sad is that?

13) The Grinch Soundtrack

Yes, sorry I wasn’t able to choose just one. So sorry, we have the The Who Song by the Whoville carolers, we have You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch and Where Are You Christmas?. They all awake the holiday spirit in me, they are equally wonderful songs. You can pick yours! (movie link here!)

12) Tim Minchin – White Wine In The Sun (A Christmas Song)

This song won’t appear on any of the other music lists, trust me! This song is by a comedian called Tim Minchin who sings a song to his daughter. If you look up Tim’s life, you’ll find that he and his wife went through a great deal of trouble and countless useless painful moments through their lives, until their first child was born. To me, this song is beautiful. Not many people know Tim, and that is alright, although he is a wonderful comedian! But trust me you will want to know about this song!

11) The Drifters – White Christmas

Now, White Christmas is a beautiful song. And if you’ve seen the movie Holiday Inn, you won’t be able to resist it. It will find a way to your heart immeadiately and stay there for eternity. But, if the first time you hear it you are about 12 and very much into rock music, you will find it terribly slow and depressing. It was the same for me. Of course now, with a grown head I know how to appreaciate it. But back then I needed something more jolly. The beginning of my favorite Christmas movie in the whole wide world, Mixed Nuts, begins with this cover by The Drifters. Ever since then I only listen to this.

10) Elisa – Heaven Out Of Hell

Well, yes, this in itself isn’t so much a Christmas song. But when this video came out, it was Christmas. It is the soundtrack of an italian movie entitled “Casomai” (= In Case). It is sang by Elisa, a musician of Italian origin who was brought up in the US, therefore her accent is somewhat none existing. The music video, as in the reason why it is Christmas-sy, features a couple of scenes from the movie, but most importantly, a pair skating and the kind of Christmas lights that just melt my heart. The song itself is beautiful, and it might not awake the Christmas spirit on its own, but trust me, watch the video first!

9) Robert Downey Jr. – River 

"River" first made its appearance on Joni Mitchell's album Blue in 1971. Ever since then houndreds of people have made covers. Every year I watch the Christmas episodes of Ally McBeal, where Robert Downey Jr. played Larry PaulAlly’s boyfriend. For a while, we don’t know why Larry hates the holidays, until Ally hears him sing this song. It is a very sad one, but it also touches another part of your heart, the part that usually isn’t warm enough during all the other times of the year… but is should be on Christmas!

8) Aqua – Spin You A Christmas

This song is one of my favorites, because of the lyrics: 

"And now I bet you that the DJ's gonna spin you a Christmas 
To get you in the feeling 
And there will be plastic snow all over the world 
Falling from the ceiling, oh-oh-oh
Whether you love or hate it, oh-oh-oh 
You're gonna celebrate it."

They are witty and very  honest, making it fun and enjoyable. The music video itself is creepy... but it is very Aqua style, so I love it just the same!

7) Josh Groban – Bells Of New York City

Yes, this song has only been realeased last year, and already it is so high on my list. The first time I heard Josh sing, was in an episode of Ally McBeal. I was fascinated by his voice, and ever since then he only had good songs. This song in particular reminds me of how lonely you can actually get during the holidays. That’s not a pretty thought, but if that is the case, this song will help you right through it. The lyrics are beautiful and the music is truly heavenly.

6) Wham – Last Christmas

Oh, you knew this was coming! And so high on the list too! I L-O-V-E this song! There are no words to describe how much I love this song. I know every single letter from the lyrics and listened to every single cover, starting from Hilary Duff, down to Cascada, all the way up to Jimmy Eat World and the new Taylor Swift version. Even if, my favorite is the Jimmy Eat World cover, I love George Michael. 80’s George Michael more than others. But, back to the song, I love the jingly sound in the background, the music video with all the scenic snowy mountains. The idea, of having a Christmas celebration with friends... Hmm, it’s wonderful! My sister and I have a joke, where we pretend, that George gives his heart and the very next day, she gives it away, every single time we listen to this song... She always asks "When is he going to learn?

5) Carol Of The Bells

Now, there are about a 1000 covers of this song, one better than the other. But this song symbolizes for me is something different than the idea of a bunch of carollers at my door. You might know the Christmas movie The Santa Clause. In the movie, as our main lead Scott Calvin heads home to meet his son for Christmas Eve this song is played in the background. It immeadiately raises doubts in you, makes you  wonder what the story will tell us, who is Scott Calvin anyway and so on. It is a very good choice of music. I only wish that it would be longer than 2 minutes, but besides the Trans-Siberian Orchestra cover (thank you for the 3 minutes and 20 seconds!), NOBODY has ever thought about, I don’t know, make it longer seeing that it is a beautiful melody with wonderful lyrics.

4) The Raveonettes – Christmas Song

This song was originally in the soundtrack of The O.C.. That is where I first heard it since 2006 it is always the first Christmas song I listen to every year. I love the music, it makes me want to dance and sing. Unfortunately it is very short so I just click on "repeat” for a while, until I feel better and feel that jingly feeling in my stomach that the season of Christmas brings with itself!

3) Band Aid II – Do They Know (It’s Christmas Time)

This is one of those songs that everyone knows! Trust me, even if you don’t know who sings it or which era it is from. But you know it, because around Christmas time they play this song in literally every effing shop around the world! The song itself was supposed to raise money for African children. It actually did, but besides that it has become a big hit and a holiday classic. Being of so high esteem and prestige, it really brings the Christmas spirit with it, so it deserves the beautiful third place on my list.

2) Mariah Carey – Oh Santa

This song has been released in 2010 on a new Christmas album by Mrs. Carey. What is wonderful is that we all know the typical Christmas songs, such us Jingle BellsOh Christmas Tree and so on, and Mariah Carey’s biggest international hit has been All I want for Christmas (is you). Not everyone knows, that that was in fact her song. It is used in movies, malls and Christmas concerts all around the world. Therefore I have grown to hate it... no, OK not really. But I find it a bit boring. On the other hand, last year I heard her new Christmas song Oh Santa and I fell in love immeadiately. I can’t stop dancing, the lyrics, the music it’s all just wonderful. It may not be the first song that pops into your mind when you think of Christmas, but if you’re having a party, undoubtedly this should be on your playlist!

1) Chris Rea – Driving Home For Christmas

Yes, you might not have seen this coming, considering the either completely childish or deeply spiritual songs I have chosen so far. Every Christmas my dad, on Christmas eve, would get his coat and disappear for a couple of hours, thinking no one will notice. Of course, we all do... And we all know that he went shopping because he didn’t have any time during the year, next to his job. But that was alright, even if the presents were obviously bought last minute, we still really loved everything he got us. I would trim the tree, my mom would cook, my sister would bake, and my brother and grandma would help me. And everytime I listened to this song, I just pictured my dad, hurrying home for Christmas, driving home for Christmas, to be with us. 

That was my 15 favorite Christmas songs! What are yours? :D

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