Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Last Christmas

This Christmas I say, 
no crying, no way.
No presents worth buying,
I give up trying.

You don't appreaciate gestures
kindness or smiles;
you don't care for affection
and I'm done with the lies.

As if the brown and fluffy,
cute Teddy weren't enough...
Here I am still suffering,
go on and laugh up.

I am still somewhat a hardcore Christmas fan
and you're my little Grinch,
can't you understand?
You steal my cheer;
destroy my "spirits" of the holiday
and water every tear.

"No more!" I'd like to shout,
but still here's my head
dreaming about
that Christmas that wasn't so damned.

So this Christmas I'm not spending away:
no DVD or CD worth the pay...
'Cause honestly I'd rather
wait another year,
maybe I'll feel better
and to someone I'll be 'dear'.

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