Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Loved

If I now think it through,
I'm not sorry it was you.
Even if for you it never felt true.
I could die tomorrow, and I wouldn't mind
because I have loved.
No more obstacles I can't fight.

If now I think of you,
I can smile all the way through.
No more feeling like a monkey in a zoo.
I wouldn't cry at your wedding,
because I have loved.
No more regretting.

I have known this feeling, so magical to men.
Spent my time weeping, locked in a lion's den.
But I have loved you my dear, and have no fear,
it is the past I speak of, but one I am proud of.
I did as I my heart was biding, I said what my brain was thinking.
So I'm not afraid to die, I had something not many can call "mine".

I wouldn't dare denying
that I have loved.
You'll never catch me lying.

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