Saturday, November 5, 2011

Homework: Language Practice

In our last class, our teacher shared with us a writing he came across in Scotland. It is printed on T-shirts, postcards and so on. It is a souvenir item. Basically what this test says, is how much better the Scots are in confront of the Saxons. To be honest, if you do the narrowest Google search about the Scots, the first information is that they hate the Saxons, so it is no surprise. Either way, the text itself is pretty entertaining. Here is a copy of the postcard:

(To read the text in a normal font, go to this link:

Basically the text says how much better the Scots are, than... well, anybody else! So our homework assignment was to write a similar one, but with Hungarian inventions. And so I did, you can read it here:

What encounters an international student?

You get home and you have a homework assignment you need to send via e-mail. Where to type it? You can open a microsoft word document, invented by Károly Simonyi. But what is your homework? Is it biology? Because then you can talk about ascorbic acid, or more commonly known as vitamin C, discovered by Albert Szent-Györgyi. Or perhaps you attend a school were you should be more handy, you can always talk about how a helicopter works, invented by Oszkár Asboth. But if you have math homework, pie charts or polls, use excel, by Simonyi again.
But never mind the computer, what if you have a test at the university? You will need a ball point pen, invention of László József Bíró. And what might the test be about? Could be history, you could describe the horrible affects of a nuclear bomb, discovered by Leó Szilárd, Jenő Wigner and Ede Teller. Or if perhaps you are majoring in chemistry, then I suggest you describe how a hidrogen-bomb works, an invention by Ede Teller.
In your very short free time, you can always simply relax, have a sip of bubbly water, thanks to Ányos Jedlik and play a bit with your rubik cube, by Ernő Rubik. Of course, only if you are into that kind of stuff!
You might've not heard about us Hungarians, and we might not be the prettiest country, but certainly the smartest!


  1. Just for accuracy, let me tell you, that Oszkar Asboth didn't play a major role in developing helicopters. It was half a century of international effort, mainly by British, French, German, Soviet teams.
    It's definitely not a one-man invention.
    A short quote:

    Asboth anyagi és technológiai lehetőségeinek határán figyelemre méltó kísérleteket végzett. Technikatörténeti szempontból kuriózumnak számító kormányzási megoldása sajnos nem volt megfelelő egy stabilan repülő helikopter számára. Ennek ellenére erőfeszítéseivel végképp beírta a nevét azon kísérletezők hosszú névsorába, akik tevékenysége során a mai értelemben vett használható helikopter kialakult. Asboth életművének elismeréséhez nincs szükségünk arra, hogy a helikopter feltalálójának nevezzük, mert változatos élete és színes személyisége így is a magyar technikatörténet kiemelkedő egyéniségévé avatja őt."

  2. The earlier comment was by your captious/ argufier/pedantic (from the dictionary) and irritating cuisin, to be clear.


  3. I wondered hard about reacting or not. The fact that my very first comment is about offending me is somewhat funny! I should've seen that coming.

    I'll level with you, I don't think for a second that one morning Asbóth rolled out a helicopter from his hangar and said "I invented this, suck on it!". And, if you paid close enough attention to the exercise, you would've seen that it doesn't matter! Nobody actually gives a shit about who invented what! The exercise is about proclaiming Hungarian pride, I could've just as easily written that Jesus was Hungarian (as I have heard many people say it lately...). Also, I only wrote about the people who are documented as actual inventors of an invention. I don't even think that nuclear bomb was invented from one morning to the other. But the fact that you absolutely needed to let me know I am in the wrong, I think says a lot more about you than it says about me...

    Anyway, thank you Mr. Anonymous for being my first commentator! You've made my day :)