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What's Next On My List? (Comic) Avatar: The Last Airbender

People loved this series, and I am glad that they did because it also gave life to a series of comic books that took the time to continue the original story and give answers to questions that were left open. This is a summary of the first four series of stories that are already available, with a fifth coming later this year (2015)! I will try to summarize without giving too much away, but a few things will be discussed in more detail about the stories!

If you want the short version: You love this series? Read the graphic novels: NOW!

The Lost Adventures
The first installment was an extension of the three seasons with extra adventures among the ones we all knew from the cartoon. The idea behind it was to show more thoroughly how the relationship among the four main characters developed, as well as giving us an insight to the fact that they barely got any rest between fighting with the enemy and getting from point A to B. The novel is divided into the three books, like the series, and contains almost every character from the cartoon. We can see how the others taught the Earth King to live in the wild with his bear; what happened when Zuko encountered again the girl who knew him as Lee in Ba Sing Se; we can also read Katara's journal on how they saved Aang and got a hold of a Fire Nation ship with her father at the command. We can also see the return of Sparky Sparky Boom man (Combustion Man); Zuko practising sword fighting with Sokka, and a duel among Toph and Bumi to decide who is the best Earthbender of all time. The graphic novel contains the art work of several artists with stories ranging from the adventures of Momo and Appa, to smaller bickerings among Zuko and Azula. If you long for the old series, I highly recommend reading this while doing a marathon!

The Promise
If you watched The Legend Of Korra you will know that Republic City is a place where benders and nonbenders from all nations of the world live peacefully together. But how? If you recall, at the end of the series people were pretty set on getting rid of the Fire Nation everywhere. But a 100 years can make a lifetime of difference! The colonies have changed, in a lot of cities Fire Nation men have made up families with the Earth Nation, and vice-versa. And even if there is peace, Zuko realizes that people now hate him for forcing the citizens of the Fire Nation back into a home they no longer have - didn't have for years, as a matter of fact. But Aang becomes angry, as he feels that Zuko's refusal to go along with the reconstructionplans may have something to do with him being his father's son. Zuko takes the time to open Aang's eyes: They no longer live in a world where nations have to be separated. Slowly Aang to realizes that perhaps to live in peace together, they should indeed live together! Zuko's struggle with his demons as well as the continuous presence of his father in his mind costs him his relationship with Mae. The graphic novel had three installments and it is a great basis to understand how Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko created Republic City together for future generations.

The Search
Remember Zuko's mother? Remember how Ozai told Zuko that she is alive? Well, he wasn't lying. The next adventure brings Zuko and his friends to a small town in the Fire Nation, near to an enchanted forest where a spirit lives. This spirit, Mother of Faces, has the ability to give a person new faces and erase their memories. For this adventure Zuko decides to bring Azula along with them, who turns out had hidden a letter of their mother's that points at her being the rightful heir to the throne, but how? In the forest the gang comes across a sister and her brother, who reveal that there are five lakes in the forest, and the Mother of Faces appears from the one in which a big wolf spirit drinks from. Each time, however, they were at the wrong lake and have waited for years. When the Spirit appears, Azula uses the wish of the sister and brother to find out the location of their mother, while Aang begs the spirit to help the siblings too - but she grows tired as humans keep wanting and wanting. However, when she finds out that one of the siblings was the victim of Koh, the Face Stealer, she reveals that he was her son and she does not condone his behaviour. She helps the siblings and the gang reaches the town just in time to get Azula. I won't tell you whether or not they do find their mom, because trust me, you'll want to read this one! You'll also find out what happened to their grandfather before Ozai was coronated!

The Rift
We move to Toph, who as you know has had her share of oppression over the years. On a trip to honor an airbender tradition Toph grows tired of Aang telling her what she is supposed to do and how she is supposed to pay her respects. Even more she grows tired of Aang not even remembering what the festival they are honorating is about! They move onto a valley to continue the route of the festival when they see that there is a town there along with a factory that seems to be polluting the area around it. The workers of the factory tell Aang that they have nothing to do with the pollution, and indeed, they discover that there was also a mine underneath the surface which functioned illegally. But more problems arise, when Toph recognises her father as one of the owners of the factory and she feels the need to confront him, but he sends her away. In an accident, however, everyone except Aang falls in a trap underground and he remains on the surface, awaiting the arrival of a spirit who wishes to reclaim the land that the humans have ruined on the day of the festival of his long lost friend. Do you think the others make it out of the cave? Or that Toph can talk it out with her father? One this is sure, you'll have to read it to find out!

I loved all of these because they stayed true to the characters and although I have my imagination as to what happened between the two series, it is still fun to discover and see what the creators actually had in mind! They know the material and they know the audience they are dealing with! 10/10 to all of them! But, if I had to choose a favorite, I will go with the one that is about to come out:

What's next? This September the next trilogy will be made available, which features Mae on the cover so I am very excited :D Maybe we'll see them rekindle their relationship? I really hope so, I loved them!

Until the next item on my list: The Legend Of Korra! Stay tuned!

Want more? There is one more story that was made available at the end of Star Wars: The Assassination of Darth Vader, a one-shot comic released on May 4, 2013, as part of the annual Free Comic Book Day. This short, entitled Rebound, focused on Mae, her living in a small Fire Nation town, still very much in love with Zuko, but on a date with a nice boy. The boy really likes Mae, but he has ulterior motives, as he was told to get her to a secret layer where she is trapped by her father. Her father tells her that there is a small group within the Fire Nation who still wish to rule, but Mae has had enough war for a life time. She tells him off, and then fights off his henchmen and finds her little brother in the layer as well. She takes him with her, but we never find out where she goes. Will we in the next series? I sure hope so! :)

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Building with CsorEsz: Húsvéti Tojások

Idén is rám jött a kreatív öt perc és csináltam három szép tojást. Itt van pár tipp ha ti is akartok ilyeneket! Csak temperára lesz szükséged, én egyszer használtam plusz díszítő elemet, de az egy kihagyható lépés! Jó szórakozást!

Szívárvány tojás:
- Minimum 7 színre lesz szükséged.
- Döntsd el a sorrendet, és kezd el színezni!
- Lassan szárad a tempera, szóval légy türelmes!
+ Én a végén még egy arany glitter temperával befestettem, de anélkül is szép!
+ Ha egyszerű csillogó effektet szeretnétek, akkor használhattok lakkot!

Minion (a Gru-ból - Despicable Me):
- Először is sárgára fesd be a tojást!
- Majd, kékkel fesd be az alját, és a kis Minion-nak a nadrágjának a szíját is fesd meg!
- Ha megszárad vagy fekete temperával vagy fekete filc tollal rajzold meg a cipőjét.
- A cipő után fesd be a kezet és a száját. Ezeket húzd ki feketével!
- Szemüvegnek használj ezüst filcet vagy készíts szürke színt feketéből és fehérből.
- A 3D hatás miatt én kis szemeket* ragasztottam az enyémre, de ha nincsen otthon ilyen, semmi baj, fehér alapon feketével meg tudod csinálni!
*Ha mégis ilyen szemeket szeretnél, találsz ilyet bármelyik hobbi boltban a városban!

Saint Patrick - lóhere minta - tojás:
- Két különböző zöldet használj.
- Döntsd el, hogy sötétre szeretnél világosat, vagy fordítva. Én ajánlom, hogy mind a kettőt próbáld ki!
- Ha megszáradt az első réteg, utána rajzold rá a mintákat.
+ Megint befestettem arany gliterrel a virágokat, csakhogy kiváljon a háttérből!

Remélem tudtam adni ötleteket jövőre, és tetszettek az én ötleteim!

Kellemes ünnepeket!

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What's Next On My List? Avatar: The Last Airbender

The spin-off of one of my favorite shows just ended a couple of months ago and I thought I would take the time to write about it a bit more in detail and they are both big favorites of mine!

Book One - Water: The Avatar is the only one who can control all four elements. However, he disappeared hundred years ago when the Fire Nation attacked the other nations in a war. Sokka and Katara - a brother and sister of the Southern Water tribe - find the young Avatar in an iceberg on the South Pole. His name is Aang, and he is the last airbender, as his kind was wiped out by the Fire Nation in search of him. When Aang is faced with what he left behind when he was scared to accept his responsibilities, he decides to set out to learn the other elements with the help of Sokka and Katara to soon defeat the Fire Lord. Their trip, however, is a very bumpy one as they continuously ambushed by the Fire Lord's son, Zuko. Zuko, after disrespecting his father was scarred and then banished from the Fire Nation. The only way for him to get back his honor is to find the Avatar. Not only does he end up fighting with Aang, but with other Fire Nation soldiers as well, as they manage to capture Aang before him. At the end of the season Aang reaches the North Pole where he and Katara learn waterbending. Aang and his friends manage to escape from Zuko, he - because of his rivalries with Fire Nation soldiers - is forced to hide in the Earth Kingdom with his Uncle Iroh.

Book Two - Earth: After learning to waterbend, Aang has to master earthbending. He tried to change the order of elements, but he hurt Katara while trying to learn firebending, so he continued his quest to master earthbending instead. In order to do that, he has to find a teacher. He reaches his old friend, Bumi, one of the best earthbenders in the world. But they can't stay and Bumi can't leave his kingdom. Aang finds another master, someone who never uses her eyes, but her other senses, because she is blind. Toph wishes to escape her life and she decides to join the team and teach Aang. Her blindness causes several reasons for laughter as Sokka's jokes keep focusing on what the others face while running from the Fire Nation. After Zuko hid in the Earth Kingdom and stopped his search for the Avatar, his place is taken by Azula, his sister. Azula decides to use more fatal ways to find Aang, and the paths of the siblings as well as that of the Avatar often cross. And the last time they cross Zuko decides to attack the Avatar instead of going back to a life of hiding with his Uncle Iroh. And at the end they all believe that they have killed Aang in his Avatar state, and if he dies there, the cycle of the Avatar is broken.

Book Three - Fire: The Avatar has to act fast to defeat Fire Lord Ozai, as their only chance is the the day of Black Sun, a solar eclipse when firebenders lose their powers. Unfortunately, even if the forces guided by Sokka's father to gain control of the Fire Nation get very far, they are outsmarted as the Fire Lord expected their arrival. During the eclipse Zuko escapes and follows the Avatar one last time to tell him that he wishes to teach him firebending. That he understands that what his father is doing is wrong: fire only brings about destruction, and not power. His nation is not sharing his gift with the world but oppressing it. Although hesitant, but everyone from the group spends time to find out who Zuko really is and they learn to trust him. Aang is, however, troubled as he was taught to cherish every life: He has a problem with taking Fire Lord Ozai's life, even if he threatens to wipe out the whole world with the help of a meteor that is set to orbit the planet. Just days before the fight Aang leaves the others behind on a spiritual quest where he learns that he is able to take away others' bending. He fights the Fire Lord and takes his bending in order to ensure peace among nations and ends of the hundred year war.

To quickly summarize my overall feeling about the show: If you haven't known already, this is one of the best series every made in television. It is smart, funny and everything a child needs as well as an adult! It doesn't shy away from conflict, and it shows that sometimes your friends can become your family instead of your relatives. And that is a beautiful lesson for anyone who ever felt lonely because of their parents or siblings. I also love that although Aang faced his demons and his responsibilities alone, he didn't have to. His friends had his back all the way. There is a lot to learn from this show and me, for instance will show it to my kids for sure!

(This bit also appears in my review of The Legend of Korra, so if you to read that first, skip to the end!)
From a critical point of view: I watched this series while I waited for the second season of The Legend of Korra. I love that a lot, for several reasons, but I noticed a huge difference between the two shows. All of my friends seem to have preferred either one to the other, but not me. I saw the genius behind both of them and I enjoyed the evolution from one to the other. Be honest, if they would've copied the first series it would not have been nearly as good. And I will debate anyone who doesn't feel that the first was excellent ground work for the second one!
That being said, when you watch both series, you will realize something: Korra barely has any non-benders. On one side, this is not a problem because you will also see that Korra brought bending to a whole other level! And the non-benders? They are kickass too. But, they are still limited. Asami (a beautiful and smart girl), Pema (a fierce mother), Varrick (a backstabbing business man who really only does good in the end) and his assistant Zhu Li (a bad-ass girl with the brain of a genius). And if you don't feel connection with either of these characters, you are somewhat bound to be left out, you know? Think about Sokka, the Kyoshi Warriors, the Air Acolytes who learn about the nomad cultures of airbenders, the inventors and just a series of people who have never needed bending in their life for it to be full. I think, or at least I have seen, that people found it easier to get lost in this world - or feel like they are a part of it - when they could be one of those humans themselves. And I get that. But I am full fantasy all the time, which means, that the less it has to do with sucky reality the more I love it.
I will tell you this, however, that you should watch both series and I would even recommend starting with Korra. Why? Well, people who started with Aang's adventures had problems with the other that I never quite got my head around too - besides the ones mentioned above. Also, there is something fun about seeing what was the origin for a series. The Legend of Korra took it to a next level with several nods to the old series and a lot of inside jokes, but ultimately, you know the story is good because it stands on it own! Imagine, if you will that Korra is the era in which you live in, while that of Aang is inside a history book that comes to life when you open it. If you check out the first series while watching the second, I think you will find it a lot more fun. Getting answers to questions while they are being asked is a wonderful feeling!

That said, do watch it. It isn't critically acclaimed for nothing! I have myself re-watched it several times. And, after posting this, I will schedule another marathon for myself! In a couple of weeks you can read my Legend of Korra review as well!

PS: NO. DON'T WATCH THE MOVIE VERSION, IT SUCKS. If yo need more info on it, check out the Nostalgia Critic's review here!

Stay tuned, until the next item on my list!
_ _ _ _

Aang - Zach Tyler
Katara - Mae Whitman
Sokka - Jack De Sena
Zuko - Dante Basco
Azula - Grey DeLisle
Uncle Iroh - Mako
Fire Lord Ozai - Mark Hamill

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Blogger: Judge Me. Now.

Magyar verzióért gurulj lejebb!
For la versione italiana vai giú!


During my life I had my share of prejudice from others. I mostly take the time and the effort to change other people's mind, at least about me. Also, I will admit that I too have thoughts sometimes that I shouldn't, but I am proud to say that I am not blinded by first impressions. Nonetheless, I am tired.
I am tired of hearing about young people giving up their lives because of bullying. I am tired of children calling each others names. And mostly I am tired of the parents: Why are you so afraid of talking to your children? How do you not see that sometimes they are influenced by the prejudice of others? And most importantly, why can't you see that the world is changing? You have to be able to teach them, guide them, NOT tell them what to think! No good will come of it.
I know I'm not going to change the world. And why? Because the world doesn't want to change itself. I do, however, believe that something much better is just around the corner. I remember a picture of a rally against black people in the 50's compared with a rally against gay marriage, and the tagline just said: "Imagine how stupid you will look in fifty years". And I loved that. It shows that with proper motivation and hard work we will have a better world.
This small photo-shoot that I am planned for over two years now has a simple mission, a question really: Try and judge someone when they don't have clothes you can criticize, you don't know where they come from, who they are, how poor and how rich, what's their sexual orientation or what grades they get in school. Try. Try to judge them now. You'll see that your prejudice shackles them the same way as handcuffs would.
_ _ _ _ _

Durante la mia vita ho sofferto anch'io per causa del pregiudizio degli altri. Penso sia mio dovere prendere il tempo e la forza di cercare di cambiare la mente della gente, almeno per quanto riguarda la loro opinione su di me. Ammetterò che anche io avvolte ho avuto pensieri incerti, ma sono fiera di dire che non sono accecata da prime impressioni. Non cambia il fatto che sono stanca. 
Stanca di giovani che rinunciano alla propria vita a causa di bullismo. Sono stanca di bambini che prendono in giro altri con nomignoli. Ma più di tutto sono stanca del comportamento dei genitori. Perché avete tanta paura di parlare con i vostri figli? Come fate a non vedere che sono influenzati dal pregiudizio di altri? E come fate a non vedere che il mondo sta cambiando? Dovete essere capaci di insegnare a guidare, NON di dirgli cosa pensare! Non ne verrà fuori niente di buono.
Lo so che non sarò io a cambiare il mondo. Perché chiedete? Perché é il mondo che si rifiuta di cambiare. Credo comunque che qualcosa di migliore sia vicino per noi. Mi ricordo di un'immagine di una protesta negli anni cinquanta contro l'ammissione di Africani-Americani nati negli Stati Uniti come cittadini. L'immagine era paragonato ad una protesta contro il matrimonio omosessuale e il titolo diceva "Immagina quanto sembrerete stupidi tra 50 anni". Adoravo quella foto. Dimostra che con determinata motivazione e lavoro duro riusciremo a cambiare il mondo per il meglio.
Con queste foto volevo solo porre una domanda alle persone: Prova a giudicare qualcuno quando non porta vestiti che potresti criticare, quando non sai da dove vengono, chi sono, quanto poveri o ricchi, quale sia la loro orientazione sessuale a che voti hanno a scuola. Prova. Prova a giudicarli adesso. Vedrai che il tuo pregiudizio li incatena esattamente come farebbero le manette.
(Per vedere le foto clicca sul link all'inizio della pagina, oppure sull'immagine iniziale.)
_ _ _ _ 

Az életem során én is voltam már előítélet áldozata. Mindig is úgy tartottam, hogy az én feladatom, hogy jobb belátásra bírjam az embereket, legalább azzal kapcsolatban, amit rólam gondolnak. Elismerem, hogy olykor az én agyam is elvándorolt már rossz gondolatok felé, de büszkén mondhatom, hogy sosem vakított még el az első benyomásom valakiről. Ez nem változtat azon, hogy elfáradtam. 
Nem bírom, hogy fiatalok feladják az életüket mert terrorizálják őket. Nem bírom már, hogy gyerekek egymást olyan szavakkal sértik, amin a jelentését sem ismerik. De mindennél jobban a szülők viselkedésébe fáradtam bele. Miért félnek olyan sokan attól, hogy beszéljenek a gyerekeikkel? Hogy nem veszitek észre, hogy befolyásolják őket mások előítéletei? Hogy nem veszitek észre, hogy változik a világ? Képesnek kell lennetek tanítani őket és vezetni, de NEM megmondani előre, hogy mit gondoljanak! Nem lesz abból semmi jó.
Tudom, hogy nem én fogom megváltani a világot. Miért? Mert a világ nem akar megváltozni. De ennek ellenére bízom benne, hogy valami jobb vár ránk és hamar. Emlékszem egy képre, ami az 50-es évek Amerikájában készült, egy tüntetésen, ahol az emberek ellenezték a feketék jogát, hogy egyenrangú állampolgárok legyenek. Ezt egy másik kép mellé tették, melyen a melegházasság ellen tüntettek és a cím csak ennyit írt: "Képzeljétek el, milyen hülyén fogtok kinézni 50 év múlva". Imádom azt a képet. Bemutatja, hogy ha elszánt az ember és keményen dolgozik akkor egy jobb világot fogunk alkotni.
Ez a fotósorozat, amit már két éve terveztem, egy egyszerű problémára akarja felhívni a figyelmet: Próbáld meg elítélni a másikat így, hogy nem látod milyen ruhákban jár, hogy nem tudod honnan származik, kik ők, gazdagok vagy szegények, hogy melyik nemhez vonzódnak és milyen jegyeik vannak az iskolában. Próbáld csak. Próbáld meg őket most elítélni. Meg fogok látni, hogy a te előítéleted ugyanúgy leköti őket, mintha egy bilincset tennél a kezükre.
(Hogy lásd a többi fotót, klikkelj a linkre a bejegyzés elején vagy a kezdő fotóra!)

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Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Wishing everyone a pint of their favorite 
beer and a pot of gold! 
Happy St. Paddy's!