Saturday, September 16, 2017

What's Next On My List? Paul

So, this summer I decided to compile a list of all the movies I have seen in my life. The list is of course well over 400 already, and I haven't collected all of them just yet. This made me realize that I have a lot to write about as well. I do cover new movies, but as you have seen, I certainly write about older ones. Why? Well, those awesome 90s movies that did not have the fortune to be advertised online still deserve credit and recognition. I am also not really picky about my choices, whether I liked it or not, I do try to write about them. With my new semester starting up, however, I will have less time to come up with ideas to write about. Luckily enough, I have class again with one of my smartest and funniest teachers and she alone is an inspiration to me when it comes to writing, and well, the topics we will be covering this semester are perfect for my blog, so I decided to post entries about them as much as I can. First up was Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's movie:

Two good friends, Graeme and Clive, a writer and his artist friend, travel to America to go to comic-con and during their trip across America bump into an alien by the name of Paul. Paul's life is in danger so he decides to run away, and the two friends help him, while coming to the realization that this is the kind of adventure they always dreamed about but never thought could have. With twists and turns, they make friends and enemies along the way, but never give up until they are sure that they did everything they could to help Paul in his mission.

I just f*cking love this movie sooo much! This. This right here is my dream come true. OK, not the alien part, but everything else: from the big comic convention all the way to the little American town with one comic book shop... it was perfect. I just really want to go to comic-con... just once in my life I want to be in the same room with everyone else whose life was changed and touched by a comic book artist, character, storyline or a simple drawing or altogether a fandom devoted to a story. I really don't know who I would be right now, had it not been for Ultimate X-Men, Star Wars, or all the manga that I bought weekly on the corner at the newsstand. This movie features two men who dream of making it in the world they love so much. I am fairly certain that not long ago not only where geeks picked on, but makers of comic books too. Yet... narratively speaking some comics beat classics! (And sometimes even Nobel prize winners write comic books!) While watching the movie not only do you fall in love with these two, but at the same time you realize that every dream you had, no matter how dumb you thought it was, is worth fighting for.
Second, the alien... although encountering one wouldn't be my dream, I gotta be honest with you, this alien in particular this one I'd love to meet because he makes you fall in love with our planet. Think about it, most people, those who prefer living in a sci-fi world especially, don't really love our reality. It may seem bleak and dark at times, not to mention filthy. But here is one guy who was glad to stay on our planet. He likes what we have (weed, Reese's Pieces), we are told that aliens are fashioned after him so that when an encounter happens we are not frightened, he speaks our language and decided to give up himself as well in order to help us humans. Paul's character for me was a beacon of hope, someone who emphasizes that hey, life is great and you should take control!
Now, this movie not only has awesome characters, but some of the best jokes. It has on going gags ("Three tits? ... That's awesome."), and it shows you really any and all kinds of people you can come across with in America (the dumb geek, the actual asshole idol, kind open hearted waitress, the bullies, the devoted Christian and the obtuse Christian). All of this wrapped in contemporary popular culture references, that will actually outlive all of us and be funny years to come. I doubt you'll find anyone who didn't fall in love with at least one, if not all the characters. The end also holds one of the best fight scenes ever recorded (it involes Sigourney Weaver!), and while watching the movies you will realize just how funny actually cursing can be when it is done very, very, very badly!

"- Fuck-a-roo, that was the best titty-farting sleep I have ever had.
- I got a feeling that you're new to cursing, Ruth? Look, cursing's fun, you just gotta pick your moments, okay?"

Watch it? Abso-f*cking-lutely! If you don't think that Simon Pegg is a genius by now, then you have a lot of catching up to do. This movie warms my heart and I will rewatch it every time I can. You need to see it for the actors, the story, the gags, the alien experience and for that little child that you, and all of us, still are at heart.

Until the next item on my list!
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Paul - Seth Rogen
Graeme Willy - Simon Pegg
Clive Gollings - Nick Frost
Agent Zoil - Jason Bateman
Ruth Buggs - Kristen Wiig
Haggard - Bill Hader
O'Reilly - Joe Lo Truglio
Pat Stevens - Jane Lynch
The Big Guy - Sigourney Weaver

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

What's Next On My List? The Skulls

I made it a tradition of mine to write on Paul Walker's birthday a review of one of his movies. One for each year. The main reason for that is that I didn't want to rush with these. I still haven't seen his last couple of movies, because I don't want to run out... It might be foolish, but why hurry? This way I have the impression that he is still among us!

Luke McNamara wants to go to law school, but he has no money for it despite the possible scholarships that might come in his way. He gets accepted to the secret fraternity of Skulls, where his brother in arms is becomes Caleb Mandrake, the son of the president of the fraternity. The Skulls live and die by their rules, but when Luke's friend dies in an accident involving the Skulls he decides to stand up against them in order to solve his murder.

Right off the bat I need to admit that cinematographically speaking this movie stands out for me. It had a yellow/orange glare to it with the sunset being captured beautifully in multiple scenes. The person who headed the project knew what they were going for. Second, this is a great story, but in my opinion it was a bit rushed. We watched it with my mom and sister who both had problems defining the pace of the story. Was it a few days? A couple of weeks? It was less than a month, surely, or not? And this was a problem especially because the story itself was great. People who keep using dirt on each other to get ahead and everybody has there own little secrets. This is what Luke uses against them and the reason why relationships like father and son don't matter. This world is controlled by money. It is somewhat good to know that there is a moral code that they abide by, but those laws should not be above the general moral code of the people. And this is where it all goes wrong. Luke's moral compass resets when he realizes that there is no money or job in the world that can make up for the loss of the death of an innocent person.
Caleb too is not a bad person, he grew up under a man who taught him that he has to do everything he can to get ahead, no matter the cost, but he is not like him. He understand right from wrong and despite his willingness to do anything to make his father proud, in the end, it is not worth losing himself over it. Was this a good movie? Well, it is half there... I agreed with my family that a television series was a far better choice for this story. You needed time to understand what is going on and to get invested. It was, simply, too fast. Does that make it bad? Not necessarily, but it fell short because of it. Also it includes various scenes with Paul Walker half naked... like do you really need more?

Watch it? I would recommend it, yes, as I said the story is quite good and there are good twists and turns that get you hooked right away. If you are looking for a good Paul Walker movie then I would definitely put it on the list.

Until the next item on my list!
_ _ _ _ _

Luke McNamara - Joshua Jackson
Caleb Mandrake - Paul Walker
Will Beckford - Hill Harper
Chloe - Leslie Bibb
Martin Lombard - Christopher McDonald
Detective Sparrow - Steve Harris
Ames Levritt - William Petersen
Litten Mandrake - Craig T. Nelson

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

What's Next On My List? Josie And The Pussycats

With school starting I'm going to have less time to write, but I will still insist on one review or entry per week. I will mostly cover old movies that I love and well, there aren't a lot of reviews out there for them. This first one will be a movie that wasn't received very well, but I think is brilliant.

A group of three friends gets a record deal but their dreams become reality way to soon and their singer, Josie, becomes distant which the other girls have a hard time coping with. They find out that she has been manipulated into being an asshole through the recording company in order to get more fans to listen to their subliminal messages. The three decide to play music for themselves instead, as their friendship is more important than anything else.

I just adore this movie... it constantly breaks the fourth wall and that makes for hilarious situations with top-notch actors who know that they are here to make you laugh. YES. This is not a good adaptation of the cartoon, but guess what? I hated the cartoon... yeah, go, boo me, I don't care. I am a 90s kid, so I don't have to like it (the cat was weird...). And I take this movie completely separately from what it was meant to be, and once you do, you'll realize that it is brilliant! The aim of the movie is raise awareness to the fact that people are mindless robots that can be controlled and it brings across that message very well. It exploits the one thing that people basically cannot live without: music. It was incredible for me to come to the realization of just how much I cannot live without music. This movie taught me that.
Now, I never dreamed of having a band, I dreamed about being a musical actor, but I am tone deaf and I love to jam away on my ukulele but I am not talented enough to make a career out of it. That too makes me appreciate music that much more. This movie makes fun of fans, of fan culture, boy bands, of the way people can be made to buy absolutely the most useless of gadgets and all that through innocent people who only sought to have their voices heard. The villain, I have to say, is my favorite. It was played by Parker Posey, and her right hand by Alan Cumming, and they were disgustingly phenomenal! Once you realize the cause for all the trouble they caused you cannot help but laugh out loud! I am telling you that this movie is simply brilliant and if it did not try to use the same title as that foolish cartoon, it would have been much more appreciated by the crowd for its original plot and lovable characters. 

Watch it? It is quite underrated, in my opinion. The soundtrack alone is out of this world and I am sure it has a small fan base out there that has no idea just how many people actually do love it. But as we all know, the ones who vote on websites are not the real fans but the haters... Get a hold of it and have a laugh. It'll be worth it, I promise!

Until the next item on my list!
_ _ _ _ _ _ 

Josie McCoy Rachael Leigh Cook
Valerie BrownRosario Dawson
Melody ValentineTara Reid
Alan M.Gabriel Mann
Alexander CabotPaulo Costanzo
Alexandra CabotMissi Pyle
Wyatt FrameAlan Cumming
Fiona Parker Posey

Monday, August 28, 2017

20+1 Thoughts I Had While Watching Game Of Thrones

The seventh season finale: 7x07 "The Dragon and the Wolf"

Some of you might have come across my quite harsh review of the first four seasons of Game of Thrones, if not you can read it here. Either way, I kept on watching the show and I seek only one thing: surprise me. If the show takes care of surprising me then I am more than satisfied. The last two season, 6 and 7 that is, were simply great. I am going to go as far as to say that they were the best, not just the soundtrack, the acting, or story-wise, but writing-wise. The fact that the show no longer sought to copy the books but used scripts and it made sure that you did not forget about characters, and that everyone's story went ahead made it finally above average for me. This finally made me care. This raised the stakes. Good writing is crucial. I am happy that the show got this far, but for two or three good seasons I will not necessarily recommend it to people. Nonetheless, finally everything I wanted, and it wasn't much, came together in this season and I decided to write down my thoughts about the finale. Here they are: CONTAINS SPOILERS!

1) Cersei, after everyone arrives and sees the dragons: #UNIMPRESSED

2) We get it Euron, you have a big penis.

3) Jon, aren't you hot?

4) Okay, maybe Euron's penis isn't that big after all. Also, if he hurts Yara I'm going to set someone on fire.

5) "Couldn't you have lied [Jon]?" he would need to know how to act for that to happen. [BURN]

6) "You are not like everyone else." Oh Jon, did you read finally read 'How to pick up women for dummies'?

7) "She might not have been a reliable source of information", well, if she was on the first few pages of google then she definitely was not. #AcademicJoke

8) Omg Petyr and Sansa just kiss already!

9) Theon: "Every step you take" ... ♫ every move you make, I'll be watching you! I wish he would start singing. Wouldn't this episode make for a great musical?

10) How to regain your manhood? Not having something between your legs isn't always a loss, sometimes, it's the best thing you can ask for! #LoveBeingAWoman

11) That smile on Arya like "I didn't even know you were on my list, Baelish." Starks take back control.

12) "I'm a slow learner, it's true. But I learn." THANK YOU! I have loved Sansa since the beginning and I knew it was headed somewhere and I adore it! #TeamSansa

13) NOOOOOOOOOOO! I loved Baelish! He was among my favorite five characters! I screamed out. I haven't done that in years. However, I told my best friend that I will accept it if it is a good death, and dear lord it was beautiful. Seeing just once in his eyes that fear... beautifully done. I will miss him but this was one of the best written scenes in seven years. Goodbye and thank you for all the chaos!

14) Cersei: "The man who murdered our father", okay, okay, okay, I get it, but serious time, he wasn't a very good guy... let it go. Her speech about vulnerability was tough and it made a lot of sense but she is about the only person who misses that monster...

15) Jamie took that "fuck loyalty" advice by Brienne to heart. I like it.

16) I love how everyone complained about the time jumps, and the creators said we don't have to, but honestly, how much time passed? Did snow fall over night? Or was that symbolizing the time passing? Sam has been traveling for two episodes now... how far was he from Winterfell when everyone reaches it within seconds lately? And if this was a longer period, why won't Jon arrive already with those super boats?

17) Bran: "I can see everything. ... why are you here?" That's great. So you only got powers to prove R+L=J, but otherwise they are completely useless. Good to know.

18) Sam's reaction to Bran being the three-eyed raven is the most genuine and lovable moment in seven seasons. "I became the three eyed raven." Sam: "Oh... I don't know what that means." It means he can't act anymore, you'll get used to it.

19) Incest is cool if you like the characters, apparently. Interesting moral lesson :D But f*ck if I'll start asking questions now.

20) "He needs to know." Yes Bran, Jon needs to. But god forbid you send him an effing raven or something.

+) Why is Tyrion staring at Daenary's door all melancholic? Is he in love with her too? Isn't he the one who told her to have an heir? What is going on? You are creeping me out. What is the point of that scene?

And that is all I thought while watching it. I sure hope I get an answer at least to the last one in the next season because I just don't get it. Another thing I don't get is the Night King... like, what do you want? World domination? You can't f*ck, you don't drink, you don't need gold... what is the point of this crusade? I know that it isn't perhaps the show's intent to give the villain a reason for their will to attack but it bothers me nonetheless. Wars can only be fought if both sides believe that they are in the right and how would the night walker army be ever in the right? What is good about having zombies roam around? Just the fact that you can do it? Not to mention that it will not be about a war, but about killing the Night King as we now know that the resurrections only work while he is alive. Despite the fact that I am very curious as to what will happen I wouldn't mind if the army of the dead would open their mouths and say... something. Anything really. 

Interesting season this was. A good one too. A few inconsistencies but man, I think that in this story fast is a good thing.

Until the next item on my list!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

What's Next On My List? The Words

“Will you tell me something? Why would such a beautiful intelligent girl such as yourself wanna be something so silly as a writer? Don’t you know words ruin everything?”

A writer, Clay Hammond, reads out from his book to a wide audience, and in it he details the story of a young writer who finds another man's writings and publishes them as his own. Not only does the burden of stealing persecute him, but he also encounters the man from whom he stole the book.

I adored this movie. I want to be a writer when I grow up. Now, I know that I am not an Ernest Hemingway, I wasn't born for this, but it is what makes me the happiest. I believe that in life you should do what makes you happy and find someone who will pay you for it. I do not wish to tell a story that nobody has never heard of or something that is unprecedented. I don't even wish for worldwide fame, I just want to be able to write. The main character, Rory Jansen, struggles because he wishes for that fame. He knows he is a good writer, but he can't catch a break with every publisher refusing to believe in him. Trust me, publishers can crush a man's dream. I wish to write something that at least someone will want to publish, to be able to hold it in my hands and to show it to my children and say that I did this, I was the author, this is the thing I am proudest of in my life. While watching this movie I could feel every character seeking greatness, seeking a way to create that one thing that will outlive them. For the original author of the book the story was more important than the love of his life. For the one who stole it, he realized that having fame without having earned it is futile. Finally, Hammond, the man who wrote this book with this story is either autobiographical or simply someone who had fallen into the same traps as his character, as he lost his wife, his previous life to the work and the pen he could never put down. There are hints that perhaps this happened to him too, and whether that is the case or not, each men had their own story and own lessons to learn and I have found something endearing and lovable in each one of them: They taught lessons worth learning.

Watch it? I would recommend it whole heartedly. The movie is set up very well, with the three story lines intertwining and raising the stakes at every turn. You might not be a writer, but you cannot help but wonder what is going to happen, what is the moral of the story, where is the tale of the main character headed? And you will not be disappointed when you get the answers.

Until the next item on my list!
_ _ _ _ _

Clay Hammond - Dennis Quaid
Rory Jansen - Bradley Cooper
Dora Jansen - Zoe Saldana
Daniella - Olivia Wilde
Young Man - Ben Barnes
Old Man - Jeremy Irons